TBC Tips: Preparing for Holiday Guests

holidayThe countdown to the big day is fully upon us! For those of us who celebrate Christmas, the clock is ticking – there are meals to be planned, table settings to be finalized and of course, plenty of gifts still left to be purchased, wrapped and tucked beneath the tree.

But in all the hustle and bustle, there’s one thing that often goes overlooked: How to prepare for holiday guests! Be they the grandparents or a more formal guest, visitors to your home will likely increase during the holiday season. Preparing for them doesn’t have to be a hassle – just follow our handy list of Top 4 Ways to Prepare for Holiday Guests:

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Inspiration: A Timeless Affair at The Fernbank

Timeless Affair Fernbank MuseumHe’s legendary, a historic Mongolian conqueror  named by Time as “one of the most important people
of the last millennium” and among the top 25 political icons “whose legacies have stood the test of time.”Indeed, Genghis Khan is one of the most iconic figures in world history – the perfect subject for a vast display at the Fernbank Museum of Natural Histor. But how in the world does one build a gala around an ancient figure who’s primary claim to fame is killing his enemies?

This was the very conflict we found ourselves facing here at Tony Brewer and Co. recently as The Fernbank approached us to give the “Tony Touch” to their Timeless Affair, an annual black-tie gala. This year’s Oct. 6 event will feature a private viewing of Genghis Khan, a special exhibition showcasing the largest collection of rare 13th century Mongolian artifacts ever assembled.

And that brings us back to the original challenge – how to turn war into beauty!

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Vacation In a Bag: Take Your Fab Getaway with One Bag

Whether you’re lured to the swaying palms of St. Tropez or the jagged shores of Martha’s Vineyard, a weekend getaway is always a treat. And let’s face it – when Georgia summers kick in, with their stuffy, humid days, taking a jaunt to a more tropical, beachside location can quickly become a top priority.

You’ve picked your vacation getaway locale and made all the travel and hotel arrangements. Now all that’s left is packing – what a chore! Packing, then transporting, bag after bag can become such a headache it threatens to overshadow the excitement of leaving in the first place. Our solution is simple: We’ve made it our goal to create the perfect vacation in one bag.

We know – it’s quite the challenge! But with a little ingenuity – and a lot of discipline – we think just about anyone can streamline the packing process, leaving more time to enjoy their well-deserved getaway!

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How does your garden grow? Spring/summer garden tips!

summer garden, gardenIt’s no secret we love  the summer and spring months almost as much as we love beautiful things – it’s arguably the best time of year to view natural flowers, as well as the vibrant abundance of blooms on display in front yards and gardens across the region.

Whether populated by herbs and edibles or gorgeous roses and begonias, your garden deserves all the loving attention in the world to create an environment that’s as healthy as it is beautiful.

Each garden has different needs depending on what you’re growing. But some tips cross all garden styles and plant species. Here are a few of our favorite garden tips with a few pointers for how to stylishly implement them.

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Summer Wedding Do’s and Don’ts!

It always seems like the colorful blooms and refreshing breezes of spring have barely arrived before the evening soirees and wine country jaunts of the summer are upon us!  The summer months are just around the corner, and this season for mint juleps and lazy days is also prime time for outdoor weddings.

Whether at the beach side in Maui or a rose garden in Buckhead, outdoor weddings share some of the same benefits – gorgeous weather and stunning scenery – as well as drawbacks: soaring heat and pesky bugs that can leave guests sticky and uncomfortable.

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