Heavy Metal Weddings: Dip Your Nuptials in Gold!

A heavy metal wedding, for some, might spell a walk down the aisle to Black Sabbath or Motley Crue! Here at All The Buzz, we had something a little more “classical” in mind: Nuptials with hints of gorgeous gold and shimmery silver.

These precious metals are all around us, but with so much emphasis on spring pastels and rich primary colors in the cooler months, the timeless appeal of these naturally refined tones is often overlooked. Both are multi-seasonal and versatile: Paired with white or cream, gold can transition from ultra-modern to romantic, while silver, paired with the right palette, can transition from cool and sleek to whimsical with ease.

And the best part: There’s absolutely nobody and nothing that doesn’t get an automatic shot of elegance when decked in a touch of gold or silver! We don’t suggest you go breaking into Ft. Knox for your wedding – but there are lots of practical and easy ways you can incorporate gold and silver tones to make your ceremony a 24k affair! Continue reading


What to Wear: Emerald Green Ball Gown with Accessory Options

Emerald Green Ball Gown with Accessory Options

The Atlanta fall is packed with social and charity balls, and you always want to make sure you’re looking current and stylish. This look centers around a floor-length emerald satin ball gown with a plunging neckline and crystal embellishments around the waist.

I chose a few different options for earrings, shoes, and clutches, but I focused on hair and makeup: loose waves, a matte red lip, and bold black eyeliner. This look is sure to make a chic statement with its emerald, silver, black, and gold color palette, no matter which options you choose