Holiday Wedding Dos and Don’ts!

red boutonniereLove is most certainly in the air this month! Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner and for many sweethearts, it will mean flowers, candy, romantic dinners , dancing and more! And for an even luckier group of us, it will mean wedding bells. Valentine’s Day is understandably a top day for getting married: At  Gwinnett Historic Courthouse in Lawrenceville , for instance, dozens of couples sign up each year for an intimate Feb. 14 ceremony.

But planning a wedding for this or any holiday isn’t without its unique challenges – mostly how to incorporate the theme and feel of the day (after all, that’s why you chose it!) without letting the holiday overshadow your special moment. It can be tricky, but here are a few tips from yours truly that can help you make your holiday wedding a unique treat!

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Inspiration: A Timeless Affair at The Fernbank

Timeless Affair Fernbank MuseumHe’s legendary, a historic Mongolian conqueror  named by Time as “one of the most important people
of the last millennium” and among the top 25 political icons “whose legacies have stood the test of time.”Indeed, Genghis Khan is one of the most iconic figures in world history – the perfect subject for a vast display at the Fernbank Museum of Natural Histor. But how in the world does one build a gala around an ancient figure who’s primary claim to fame is killing his enemies?

This was the very conflict we found ourselves facing here at Tony Brewer and Co. recently as The Fernbank approached us to give the “Tony Touch” to their Timeless Affair, an annual black-tie gala. This year’s Oct. 6 event will feature a private viewing of Genghis Khan, a special exhibition showcasing the largest collection of rare 13th century Mongolian artifacts ever assembled.

And that brings us back to the original challenge – how to turn war into beauty!

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From Runway to Gala – Latest Fashions to Inspire Your Gala Glam!

fuchsia gown, purple evening dressAs sure as the fall brings changing leaves and cooler nights, it also brings galas – and half of the fun of going to these decadent events is choosing a gala gown that will knock everyone’s socks off! There’s still a while yet until it’s fall proper, but with the Opera Ball and other exciting charity gatherings just around the corner, now’s the best time to start thinking about gala style. Naturally, we’ve got more than a few  ideas we hope will influence your style and give you ideas for how to take your look from the runway to the gala!

Playful details, skin-bearing gowns and unique fabrics are just a few of the gala trends we think will be a hit this fall!

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In The Pale: Decorating with White

all-white roomPure white. Classic, clean, elegant, modern – this “un-color” is ironically one of the most striking hues with which to decorate! Versatile enough to go from the bathroom to the living room and everywhere in between, white decor offers a relatively easy way to inject sophistication into any surroundings – and it’s one of our favorite colors to use!

White works perfectly as an accent color, giving a modern, unexpected twist to more traditional decor, and for the more daring, all-white surroundings can create a striking, ultra-luxe look. You simply can’t go wrong with it – or can you?

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Stuff We Love: Coral, Coral, Coral!

Is it pinkish-orange or orangish-pink? The charming duality of coral makes it both a perennial summer favorite and a great candidate for Stuff We Love.

And what’s not to love: Coral is one of those sweetspot colors that looks great on nearly any skin tone – from delicately pale to deep tawny – and can complement gold accessories as well as silver ones.

It’s a chameleon color in that it can seemingly take on more of a pink hue when paired with shades from that family, and pick up a tangerine hue when coupled with blazing orange! Perfect for nails, shoes, watches – it’s playful, versatile and absolutely a summer hit! Check out a few coral pieces we fell in love with below – and see if you don’t find yourself having an affair with coral too! Continue reading

Heavy Metal Weddings: Dip Your Nuptials in Gold!

A heavy metal wedding, for some, might spell a walk down the aisle to Black Sabbath or Motley Crue! Here at All The Buzz, we had something a little more “classical” in mind: Nuptials with hints of gorgeous gold and shimmery silver.

These precious metals are all around us, but with so much emphasis on spring pastels and rich primary colors in the cooler months, the timeless appeal of these naturally refined tones is often overlooked. Both are multi-seasonal and versatile: Paired with white or cream, gold can transition from ultra-modern to romantic, while silver, paired with the right palette, can transition from cool and sleek to whimsical with ease.

And the best part: There’s absolutely nobody and nothing that doesn’t get an automatic shot of elegance when decked in a touch of gold or silver! We don’t suggest you go breaking into Ft. Knox for your wedding – but there are lots of practical and easy ways you can incorporate gold and silver tones to make your ceremony a 24k affair! Continue reading