Happy (Almost) Valentine’s Day! Best Ways to Show Yourself Some February Love

flower floral wreath

We can’t resist celebrating this wonderful time of year – February is the month of romance and love and we absolutely love it! What’s not to love – beautiful flowers, luxe chocolates, gifts, dances, trips. With its emphasis on beauty and adoration, February is a wonderful mid-winter pick-me-up!

No sweetheart? No worries. Enjoyment of this beautiful season isn’t limited to those deep in the throes of romance. In fact, we here at Tony Brewer and Co. believe the most passionate love affair any of us has should have should be with the person we see in the mirror every morning! Why not take time this month to show yourself a little love? From treating yourself to a sumptuous dessert to showing your tootsies a little pedicure love – there are lots of ways to shower yourself with some much-needed love. Who knows, it may recharge your batteries (we know ours get depleted in this cold weather!)

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TBC’s Favorite Winter Getaways

One thing about Atlanta weather – if you don’t like it, just wait a few hours and it will change! That seems to be the story of this winter – warmish one day, freezing cold the next! If you’re anything like us, you’re ready to be done with it all and hit a beach where you’re guaranteed sunshine and the only thing that’s cold is the tropical drink in your hand.

We know where northerners usually go for the winter – down here, ironically. But where are us Southern folks tired of layering up supposed to head for warmth? There are plentiful options both stateside and in exotic locales that offer amazing lodging, beautiful views and a chance to escape the cold.

Here are a few of our favorite luxury resorts, ideal for a vacation this winter or even year-round. Enjoy – and make your reservations soon!

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Stuff We Love: Savannah, GA!

spanish moss covered trees, Savannah Georgia treesIt’s a city off the coast of Georgia, far from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, the state’s capital and the southern metropolis that’s put Georgia on the map in the minds of many. Yet Savannah is one of Tony Brewer’s absolute favorite places to visit! It was a real treat when we recently had a chance to work on an event in Savannah. It meant several days in this historically-rich southern city – a getaway right here in Georgia! With cobblestone streets, centuries old facades, delicious treats and of course those romantically moss-covered trees, this coastal city is chock full of charm and it’s no wonder that Savannah and all it’s goodies are among the Stuff We Love! Check out some pictures of Tony’s favorite spots in the city – and make sure you try them out the next time you’re in town! Continue reading

Pinterest Finds: Brooch Bouquets Add Sparkle to Floral Tradition

wedding brooch bouquetOne of the things we love most about Pinterest is how plugging just a few words in to search can open up a world of visual beauty and glamour! And that’s just what happened when we were nosing around for brooches and happened upon page after page of gorgeous, glittering brooch bouquets!

An obvious take on the traditional wedding bouquet, these shimmering versions are created entirely from brooches – not quite as lightweight or sweet smelling as a bundle of roses, but who can deny how beautiful they are?

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Stuff We Love: Coral, Coral, Coral!

Is it pinkish-orange or orangish-pink? The charming duality of coral makes it both a perennial summer favorite and a great candidate for Stuff We Love.

And what’s not to love: Coral is one of those sweetspot colors that looks great on nearly any skin tone – from delicately pale to deep tawny – and can complement gold accessories as well as silver ones.

It’s a chameleon color in that it can seemingly take on more of a pink hue when paired with shades from that family, and pick up a tangerine hue when coupled with blazing orange! Perfect for nails, shoes, watches – it’s playful, versatile and absolutely a summer hit! Check out a few coral pieces we fell in love with below – and see if you don’t find yourself having an affair with coral too! Continue reading

Five Gorgeous Georgia Wedding Locales

Here at All The Buzz, we love all things beautiful – and what better occasion to indulge in the most stunningly beautiful surroundings possible than on your wedding day? Picking out the little things is already tough, but finding the perfect venue can sometimes be nearly impossible. We’re here to help with our list of Five Gorgeous Georgia Wedding Locales. From the beachside to the gardenside and everywhere in between, our diverse list offers some of the best venues in the state. Take a look and get some inspiration!

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