Top 6 Winter Style Must Haves!

winterstyleWinter is just around the corner – seems hard to believe with these 70-degree days! But indeed, we’re just over two weeks away from the official start of the winter season on Dec. 20. We don’t know about you, but we’ve already started preparing – and we don’t mean by stocking up on snow shovels! We’re making sure our winter wardrobe is locked and loaded, stocking up on all the winter style essentials. What are those? We’re glad you asked! Check out our list of the Top Six Winter Must-Haves!

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Here Comes the Fall! Four Fall Style Staples!

Fall, fall, fall is here! We’ve been celebrating these first days of autumn all week – the season of chunky cashmere sweaters, sexy knee-high boots and regal colors. What a glorious time for style! But with the weather cooling and so many fab options for layering up and standing out, it can be hard to find those perfect style staples.

Between planning galas and adding the “Tony Touch” to things like the Opera Ball, we’ve managed to keep our eye out for the signature pieces of the season. From bags to shoes, we’ve picked four signature fall pieces that will anchor any fall outfit and add that distinct fall style you’re looking for!

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Stuff We Love: Coral, Coral, Coral!

Is it pinkish-orange or orangish-pink? The charming duality of coral makes it both a perennial summer favorite and a great candidate for Stuff We Love.

And what’s not to love: Coral is one of those sweetspot colors that looks great on nearly any skin tone – from delicately pale to deep tawny – and can complement gold accessories as well as silver ones.

It’s a chameleon color in that it can seemingly take on more of a pink hue when paired with shades from that family, and pick up a tangerine hue when coupled with blazing orange! Perfect for nails, shoes, watches – it’s playful, versatile and absolutely a summer hit! Check out a few coral pieces we fell in love with below – and see if you don’t find yourself having an affair with coral too! Continue reading

Summer Fun: The 4 D’s of Outdoor Entertainment!

outdoor entertainmentCan you believe we’re already one week into summer? It puts us in the mind of one thing – outdoor entertaining! Be it a cookout, a graduation celebration or simply a day party, outdoor social events are a staple of the summer time – a benefit of the sunny weather and balmy temperature.

But with a summer full of seemingly endless outdoor social events laying ahead, how can you ensure your own event stands out? By asking Tony Brewer of course! Here are a few tips and ideas for making your outdoor entertainment efforts sparkle this season, built around what we like to call the Four D’s of Outdoor Entertainment.

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Vacation In a Bag: Take Your Fab Getaway with One Bag

Whether you’re lured to the swaying palms of St. Tropez or the jagged shores of Martha’s Vineyard, a weekend getaway is always a treat. And let’s face it – when Georgia summers kick in, with their stuffy, humid days, taking a jaunt to a more tropical, beachside location can quickly become a top priority.

You’ve picked your vacation getaway locale and made all the travel and hotel arrangements. Now all that’s left is packing – what a chore! Packing, then transporting, bag after bag can become such a headache it threatens to overshadow the excitement of leaving in the first place. Our solution is simple: We’ve made it our goal to create the perfect vacation in one bag.

We know – it’s quite the challenge! But with a little ingenuity – and a lot of discipline – we think just about anyone can streamline the packing process, leaving more time to enjoy their well-deserved getaway!

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