Plan Ahead Checklist: Tips for a Flawless Event!

Spring is around the corner and with it, countless weddings, galas, engagement parties and other chances to mix, mingle and be merry! Just one more reason why we love this season! Naturally, we look forward to planning all the details – from beautiful floral arrangements to breathtaking seating – and letting you sit back and enjoy your big day. But we often get asked just what can our clients do to help things go more smoothly?

The good news is, we handle all of the heavy lifting! But there are indeed a few planning steps you can take that can help ensure your event goes off without the slightest hitch.



Normally the only time most of us want to talk about money is when we’re getting it! But the face remains that luxury costs. Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a large charity fundraiser, events tend to go more smoothly when you create a well-informed, all-encompassing budget at the outset. Be open and frank with your planner – don’t be afraid of any unforeseen limitations. To the contrary, budget conversations help us better select the perfect details!

journal with penWrite down your ideas:

When it comes to weddings in particular, so many brides say they’ve dreamed of the big day since they were in training wheels. Yet when it comes time to plan, a lot of those same brides have no idea what they want! Sounds like a job for a trusty pen and pad. Whether it’s planning for a wedding or a less intimate event, we recommend writing down your ideas long before meeting with an event planner. Think about this a month in advance – you’re sure to find your first meeting more productive.

editingNow, cut down your idea list:

We can’t tell you to write down your ideas without adding the caveat: Edit yourself! The opposite of the client with no ideas is the one with all of the ideas in the world! Break your idea list into details you want and details you simply can’t live without. Then cut that list down further. Next, take a look at what you’re left with and see if you can spot a theme. Generally, the shorter and tighter a wish list, the better chance that you can get everything you want.

At Tony Brewer and Co., we make it our business to keep our clients happy with minimal effort on their part. Still, the little things help! So jot down your budget and ideas and let’s get ready to plan the event of the season!

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. – Oprah Winfrey

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