It’s the little things: Three Small Ways to Make a Big Wedding Splash!

Good things come in small packages – it may be a hackneyed saying, but it’s often true that the things that bring the most intrigue, excitement and joy come in the smallest, most unassuming packages. Event planning is no exception: Some of the things that can make the biggest splash are often the tiniest of details!

From tiny table details to floral minutia and everything in between, small details often provide a charming way to make a big impression. How can you apply this to your event or wedding planning? Glad you asked! Take a look at some of our favorite ways to add little things to your special day – and make a big splash in the process!

Wedding Planning Tip: Grab a Gorgeous Garter!

elegant wedding garterWe recently read an article asking whether the garter was an overlooked detail in most weddings. We say absolutely, 100 percent yes! We don’t often run across brides who put much thought into this little slip of satin, highlighted mostly via its comical removal during the reception; in fact, some have abandoned the removing of the garter altogether! And while handling this type of detail is certainly out of our purview, we still say it’s an excellent place to add a little charm to your event. Coordinate with your wedding color or better yet, let this be your “something blue!” Compose something out of another sentimental garment, or dress up your leg with glamorous bling. Who knew such a little bit of fabric could be so memorable!

Wedding Planning Tip: Nice-Up Napkins!

brooch napkin ring, elegant napkin ring, wedding napkinYet another area that brides and event planners overlook is table linen. To be sure, there’s lots of attention to coordinating colors – but creativity generally tends to stop there. It shouldn’t! Napkin rings and even napkin folding provide an opportunity to show off your personality and make an impression. Brooch napkin rings, for instance, are beautiful, elegant and can be the perfect accompaniment to the brooch bouquets that are so popular right now. Meanwhile, a few extra folds can transform a chic dinner napkin into a graceful arrangement that will be the talk of your reception. Give it a try!

Wedding Planning Tip: Wow With Wedding Walkways!

rose wedding runner, wedding aislewayWhen the bride is on the aisleway, all eyes are on her – so it’s easy to overlook the aisle runner. Truth is, this is an excellent and amazingly overlooked place to express your style and wow your guests. Think outside the box: Who says your wedding runner has to be traditional satin or silk? Does it even have to be fabric?

There are so many other tiny details that can make an event pop. Those are just a few of our ideas – what do you have in mind?

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Van Gogh

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