Tony’s Favorite Ways To Reinvent Your Space For the New Year

Ah January – it’s the unofficial month of reinvention! Everybody’s committing to getting in shape, writing that novel or pursuing that pet project they’ve put off – at least until February! New Year’s resolutions are just so darn hard to keep! But there is one area in which we believe you can refresh, renew and reinvigorate this month and have fun while you do it: Your living space! We always think of spring cleaning season as the time when you re-evaluate what you keep in your space, but why not do it in January when newness is in the air?

From small projects to bigger efforts, there are plenty of things you can do to reinvent your space, lift your mood and set the stage for a fresh start to a new year. Here are a couple of ideas – enjoy!

zen room, meditation space

Create a new room or type of space

This effort can be as big or as small as you like. If you have the budget and space for a full-fledged addition to your home, then by all means, break out the contractors! But for most people, creating a new space is really just about reinventing an existing one. Got an old “office” or an empty guest room that hasn’t seen a guest in ages? Now might be the time to turn that into your special space. A massage room, a meditation room, even a private reading room – all of these are great ideas for a special space. The idea is to create a place of peace and joy where you can leave your cares behind.

wooden table, art deco tableBuy a signature piece of furniture

One of our staffers speaks of a friend who had a massive cafe au lait couch – according to her, about 10 people could sit on this island of a couch! Over time, the couch became not only a lovely centerpiece of the room, but a social magnet; whenever there were gatherings, everyone gravitated to the couch and enjoyed chatting and cocktails!  A signature piece of furniture can indeed be an anchor of a room, creating a social and a visual focus. It can also breath new life into an otherwise old, flat room. An oversized couch may not be for you, but a quaintly distressed table just might! The beauty of this is a signature piece can encourage you to buy other new accessories or it can accent what you have.

ceiling draperyPlay with color

We keep saying this because it’s true. Color can lift your mood in ways you wouldn’t believe. Make 2013 the year you try something bold in your living space, be it painting the ceilings or simply adding pops of color through creative drapery. You could even blend those two ideas and try some ceiling drapery!

floral home, fresh flowersInvest in fresh flowers

They’re often overlooked, especially in the winter, but fresh flowers can truly invigorate a space. Beyond smelling sweet, flowers have a cheering effect. Another bonus: For those who are into feng shui, flowers are considered an excellent way to help bring positive energy into your space. Rotate fresh arrangements by getting a standing order at an Atlanta boutique. We know a great flower shop!

Make that change – breath new life into your space and tell us how it goes!

“Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling” ― Deborah Day

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