Seasons of Celebration: Party Planning Through 2013

The biggest party of the year – the one that actually welcomes the year! – is over, so no more party planning for a while, right? Not so fast! The savvy party planner has their schedule set out months in advance. Why not join their ranks? Naturally you can’t plan for every celebration; there are bound to be surprise engagements, promotions, birthdays and other special occasions that will pop up. But by breaking your party planning down into digestible chunks, you can create an outline for hosting that will help your events run with well-oiled precision.

January-March: Winter Wonderland

renewalLet’s face it – the early part of the year can be pretty darn gloomy! In many parts of the country the weather is brisk, the sun is going down early (if it’s making an appearance at all) and things seem to slow down. Not the best time for a party – or is it? For one, engagement season is still in full swing, followed by Valentine’s Day. And let’s not forget the slew of early year birthdays!

The key to party planning during the start of the year is theme and comfort – that is, finding a theme that can excite your guests as well as providing the party comforts that will let your guests take their mind off the cold weather and place it on the warm celebration!

The holidays are over, so early year parties need not be festooned with snowmen and pointtsetias. Instead, build your theme around renewal! Winter white linens and favors evoke a fresh start, while fresh blooms bring in a light, refreshing energy. Hyacinths in particular are associated with renewal and rebirth.

On to comfort. Have you ever considered an outdoor party during the cold months? Don’t be intimidated, there are some pretty impressive heaters out there. Rent a tent – they keep heat in well and let your guests focus on the celebration at hand.

Imagine that – a warm, outdoor celebration surrounding in recharging white. That’s a great way to start the year!

April-June: Spring Celebration

floweryIt’s spring again, our favorite time of year! With graduations taking place early in the season, followed by wedding celebrations as June hits, you’re bound to host plenty of celebrations.

There’s something light-hearted and fun about this season and reflecting that in your event planning is key. While there are plenty of themes around holiday parties, we think spring is actually one of the best times to have fun with party themes. Jot down some of your favorite spring-related quotes (or Google a few) and build a theme around that. Or better yet, why not incorporate one of our favorite Greek myths, that of Persephone, whose kidnapping is supposed  to be interlinked with the change of seasons?

Incorporate growth in little details such as baby veggie hors d’oeuvres and light colored linens evoking  delicate brand new blossoms. Light pastels are perfect for the spring – lavender, turquoise, peach. Use napkin rings and even chair covers to play out your color theme. But don’t go overboard: Too many colors can be too much for the eye.

Another tip:  This is also a time when the weather can be fickle; have a few pashminas on hand for guests who find themselves with cold shoulders after dark.

July-September: Summer Sizzle

summer partyAs with winter parties, summer parties must keep the weather in mind. It’s downright sizzling out there – whatever the occasion, making your summer party an oasis is vital to ensuring your guests enjoy themselves.

Shoot for cooler menu items – mimosa sherbets, for instance, make excellent finger food choices. The drink menu should also reflect a cooler theme: Try light choices like sparkling lemonade with lots of fruit.

As for the theme? Well nothing says summer quite like a pool party! This does NOT have to be juvenile nor does it have to be geared mostly to swimmers. It’s safe to say that during many pool parties,  the pool never gets used!  Consider a tropical-themed party that lets you incorporate your pool, not to mention big, beautiful flowers that will give the celebration an uplifting energy.

October-December: Fall for Fall

fall partyThe leaves are changing color and people are hunkering down inside more – fall is just that type of season. It can actually be a little harder to get people out of their homes when the weather gets cool.

For fall, try to create a theme of warmth and coziness. Plan smaller gatherings that encourage people to mingle and introduce themselves more. Naturally, a menu of pumpkin and cinnamon infused treats and drinks will go far to keep the theme of warmth going.

Plenty of surprise occasions are bound to pop up through the year, but they don’t have to catch you off guard. Create your own seasonal party planning outline and add to it as the months go on. It will help you better plan and ensure your guests have the best time possible!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

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