Top 6 Winter Style Must Haves!

winterstyleWinter is just around the corner – seems hard to believe with these 70-degree days! But indeed, we’re just over two weeks away from the official start of the winter season on Dec. 20. We don’t know about you, but we’ve already started preparing – and we don’t mean by stocking up on snow shovels! We’re making sure our winter wardrobe is locked and loaded, stocking up on all the winter style essentials. What are those? We’re glad you asked! Check out our list of the Top Six Winter Must-Haves!

gabardine top coat

1: The Perfect Coat

What good is winter if you can’t layer with flair? Coats have been hanging out in the closet for the last few balmy days, but cooler weather is on the way. The perfect coat for an Atlanta winter is stylish without being bulky and just heavy enough for our mildish temperatures. This brushed gabardine top coat would go wonderfully with a cashmere scarf, no?

signature sweater, cashmere cardigan

2: The Signature Sweater

And speaking of cashmere, winter wouldn’t be winter without the signature cashmere sweater! Soft, sultry and smooth – cashmere is the perfect feeling against your skin, especially when cooler weather dries you out! This year, why not have fun with this winter staple – try it in a cardigan style. This Marc Jacobs version is especially whimsical, it’s like two sweaters in one!

tall boots

3: The Perfect Boot

Boots are back – how we missed them! The right riding boot can take an outfit from standard to svelte in no time flat! Max out on style with trendy extra-tall boots. These Rag and Bone ones truly deserve the title the “perfect boot” – how cute would those be with the right pair of jeans?

red gown, holiday dress

4: A Gorgeous Gown

After all, it is the holidays! Galas, balls, social gatherings, holiday parties – so many events, so little time! Think now about the perfect gown for each of your key seasonal events. Style tip: Rubies, sapphires and other jewel tones typical to the season are gorgeous with a winter white accessory like a stole!

winter lotion

5: Seasonal Skin Soothers

If you’re anything like us, that cold snap we had a week or so back did a number on your skin – itching, peeling, flaking. No good! Treat yourself to a good, creamy moisturizer and keep your skin supple and your cheeks kissable!

citrine bracelet

6: Bling!

It’s always the right time for diamonds … or sapphires … or pearls! Covering up during the winter can make you feel a bit blah – add some shine and sparkle with a signature piece of jewelry. Leave the dainties for the spring, winter is all about that bold, chunky piece that defines your style. This citrine and cabochon amethyst bracelet by Cartier, Paris, 1939 is gorgeous!

We’ve given you the roadmap, now get ready, set, shop!

“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.” – William Blake

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