Here Comes the Fall! Four Fall Style Staples!

Fall, fall, fall is here! We’ve been celebrating these first days of autumn all week – the season of chunky cashmere sweaters, sexy knee-high boots and regal colors. What a glorious time for style! But with the weather cooling and so many fab options for layering up and standing out, it can be hard to find those perfect style staples.

Between planning galas and adding the “Tony Touch” to things like the Opera Ball, we’ve managed to keep our eye out for the signature pieces of the season. From bags to shoes, we’ve picked four signature fall pieces that will anchor any fall outfit and add that distinct fall style you’re looking for!

The Bag:

Balenciaga purse, red bag

Shifting into fall style is about making a bold, definitive style transition. And what better way to make a statement than a bold bag? We’re in love with this lambskin Balenciaga city bag – the shape, and of course, this deep bordeaux, a perfect rich red for the season. Look for bold, boxy shapes to add a pop to any fall outfit!

The Shoe:

The signature shoe of the fall, whether you’re male or female, is most unquestionably the boot! But there are so many choices – knee-length or ankle-length? Spartan or bedazzled? We’re in favor of the classic riding boot. Smooth, sleek, automatically gives any outfit a bit of pizzazz. Give this classic boot a bit of an update by trying a chocolate or a tan color!

The Coat:

trench coat

As sorry as we are to see the warm temperatures wane, we love the opportunity to don an assortment of beautiful coats! The fall is all about the middle ground – a coat with enough body to keep off the chill, but not quite a winter feel. This Burberry trench is ideal – mid-length to keep out the chill, in the uniquely tartan Burberry pattern. If you don’t go with this exact trench, keep an eye out for a pattern – we think it’s a unique twist on this fall standard!

The Bauble:

Tory Burch bracelet

Part of making that fall transition is finding that signature piece of jewelry – that standout ring, bracelet, necklace or watch that will set you apart all season. We love citrine, the November birth stone, for the fall, as well as tortoise shell like this gorgeous Tory Burch cuff.

Grab your signature pieces and fall into the fall!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

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