Holiday Party Planning Done Right!

There’s not quite a chill in the air and sweaters are still stuffed well into closets – but for the enterprising event planner, holiday parties should already be on your mind! Fall and winter mean everything from galas to Noel gatherings and its never too early to begin gathering sources of inspiration and investigating themes.

Here are a few trends we think will blow up during the 2012 holiday season:

  • Unique Themes: From mixing in a touch of Miami Beach to creating a “Taste of Seville” as the Atlanta Opera is doing this weekend, creating a unique, getaway theme is big for 2012. When planning, think of less obvious places – maybe St. Tropez over Aruba or London over Paris – and shoot for a place that captures the fun, excitement or elegance of the event at hand. Also draw inspiration from snippets of culture beyond the obvious – consider the color palette and overall energy of a locale. It will pay off!
  • Specialty Cocktails and Mocktails: Reaching beyond the standard  Clicquot can only enhance the uniqueness of your event. This is especially true during the winter months when warm spices and flavors can lend themselves to particularly intriguing drink blends. Pumpkin wines or ciders infused with spirits and given creative names can help make your event memorable. Hosting an alcohol-free event? Not a problem – consider creative “mocktails” that can offer all the flavor and creativity without the spirits.
  • Get Interactive: It may go without saying, but we’ve seen far too many events where guests are left to their own devices most of the night. Asked to be social, many guests may simply stick in their own circles or worse. A big thing this holiday event season will be incorporating activities for your guests – from photo booths, to build your own dessert stations, caroling corners and more. Give some thought to a handful of classy activities you can incorporate into your event and get people active!

Of course, when in doubt, let Tony Brewer Co. handle it all for you. Just this weekend we’re turning the St. Regis into Seville for the Atlanta Opera with elegant touches of Latin flavor. Call us and we’ll talk about transforming your event!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”-Robin Williams

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