Fall Decorating Tips for an Awe-Inspiring Autumn!

initialed pumpkins, designer pumpkinsSummer comes and it seems like the blink of an eye before she’s gone! We’ve still got a good ways to go until it’s full on autumn – but if fall entertainment is your forte, now’s prime planning season! Leaves, pine cones, twigs, pumpkins, Indian corn – there are so many different fall decor staples it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when planning a seasonal event. Meanwhile, nobody wants their event to look just like their neighbor’s. How can you incorporate some of the traditional fall decor ideas but give them a fresh spin?

The key is thinking outside of the box. Trying traditional items in unusual colors or places adds a bit of the unexpected and freshens things up. Another tip: Take things up a notch. Why settle for a few pumpkins here and there – deck your mantle in multi-sized gourds for a focal point that pops. Here are a few more tips and ideas for fall decor your guests will fall for!

fall garland, dried corn decoration, fall decoratingDeck out your front door with a dried corn garland. This is not for the craft-challenged! Yet it’s an intriguing idea that blends a Christmas staple – garland – with a fall favorite, dried corn. Together, they create a homespun decoration sure to warm up your porch. Learn more about how to make them here. For those more intrepid decorators, Horchow has some elegant ready-made garland  strewn with silk roses, hydrangeas, flocked ribbons and bows, gilded pine cones, frosted apples, pears, and pomegranates.

pine cone finialAdd touches of the season in unusual places. These pine cone finials are a surprising little feature you can incorporate throughout your home. Another fall surprise you can incorporate throughout: acorns! Real acorns affixed to regular napkin rings can make for a rustic chic table setting; for us less crafty sorts, look for acorn covered napkin rings, plates and even candle holders in warm golds and coppers to add a surprising and fun visual.

glass pumpkins, pumpkin decorationsHave fun with pumpkins. Pumpkins are a  traditional fall decorating staple. Why not upgrade them? There are so many surprising ways to turn standard squashes into gorgeous gourds! A little paint and creativity can result in pumpkins and even monogrammed gourds – sure to be memorable! And of course, you can always focus on less organic pumpkins – like these glass and metal versions.

Whatever fall decor staples you decide on, go all the way!  Recreate the abundance of the season with an abundant design that’s sure to be memorable!

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck 

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