In The Pale: Decorating with White

all-white roomPure white. Classic, clean, elegant, modern – this “un-color” is ironically one of the most striking hues with which to decorate! Versatile enough to go from the bathroom to the living room and everywhere in between, white decor offers a relatively easy way to inject sophistication into any surroundings – and it’s one of our favorite colors to use!

White works perfectly as an accent color, giving a modern, unexpected twist to more traditional decor, and for the more daring, all-white surroundings can create a striking, ultra-luxe look. You simply can’t go wrong with it – or can you?

The fact is, many people are intimidated when it comes to incorporating this hue. Some want to use it, but fear it’s impractical – while others simply don’t know where to even start! That’s where we come in – with tips for decorating with this bold, never boring hue that will make it easy for you to do the color white right.

white foot rest, white furniture

  • Avoid overly hard, edgy pieces or excessively angled pieces – UNLESS you are going for an ultra modern look.

white fireplace, multiple white objects

  • Experiment with different whites. A distressed dresser in eggshell, a vase in snow white and a fluffy comforter in bone can indeed all live in the same room. Mix and match, or if you’d rather not commit right away, play around with fabric swatches in differing whites and keep an open mind!

white wing chair, white seat with wooden feet

  • Don’t limit yourself to white accessories. Try a larger piece – or several – in white to create a dramatic and beautiful space.

white fabric sample

  • Add depth with varying textures. White-on-white chevron or herringbone patterns can add movement and variety in one piece; blending pieces in leather, fur and other unique fabrics can ensure your whites look dynamic, not dead.

white drapes, white window treatment

  • When in doubt, capture the bold drama of white with drapes. Turn up the wow factor with maxi-length drapes in white-on-white patterns.

However you mix it or match it, it’s hard to go wrong with white! Give it a try and let us know the results!

It’s getting harder and harder to worry needlessly.  ~Robert Brault,

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