Moving in Atlanta: TBC Has a New Office!

moving box with dog, Atlanta relocationWe’re movin’ on up!

Many of our readers haven’t ever seen our Grant Park digs – in part because our posh pad has been quite tucked away! Well we’re moving in Atlanta – heading a little farther out, but hopefully, we’ll be a bit easier to find!

Our new address will be 5630 Gwaltney Drive in Atlanta, just outside the Perimeter.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be packing up our plush pet toys, desks, pictures, vases, fixtures and all of our fab office pieces and moving 15 miles east, just off Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

We’ll go ahead and admit it: Moving in Atlanta is NOT one of our favorite things to do. After all, who loves hauling boxes and lugging furniture!

But it’s a necessary evil so we can grow as a business and get in gear for all of the gala events right around the corner! In the meantime, we figured we’d have a little fun with the move. Here’s our list of the

Top 5 Great Things About Moving in Atlanta!

No 1: A great chance to expand your social circle!

  • If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to socialize! Relocating outside of the Perimeter will open us up to a whole new world of clients – and vice versa. We’re looking forward to making new friends out East!

No 2: Perfect opportunity for some late summer cleaning

  • Over the years, any office or home gets cluttered. Our locale is no exception, so we’ll use this time to streamline our office and make it even more fab!

No. 3: New inspiration

  • Grant Park is an amazing place for an office! But after years in one spot, who can’t use a change of scenery? A new move can re-invigorate your home, office and inner self.

No. 4: Great excuse to buy new stuff!

  • New space=new furniture! We’re not saying a floor-to-ceiling revamp is in order – but a new chair or table here or there might be!

No. 5: Even greater excuse to buy a new bag!

  • Come on – who wants to come into a new office with old accessories? I’m sure we’ll see a few new office bags as people take the change of scenery as a chance to freshen their own look.

Our list already has us feeling better about packing up and shipping out! Whether you’re moving to a new office or a new home, moving in Atlanta or elsewhere in the region, we hope this list inspires you to keep a light attitude!

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie

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