Pinterest Finds: Brooch Bouquets Add Sparkle to Floral Tradition

wedding brooch bouquetOne of the things we love most about Pinterest is how plugging just a few words in to search can open up a world of visual beauty and glamour! And that’s just what happened when we were nosing around for brooches and happened upon page after page of gorgeous, glittering brooch bouquets!

An obvious take on the traditional wedding bouquet, these shimmering versions are created entirely from brooches – not quite as lightweight or sweet smelling as a bundle of roses, but who can deny how beautiful they are?

We especially love the versatility: Your color combination is only as limited as you are in finding beautiful brooches. We could even see this being a great way to incorporate your bridesmaids or simply close friends and family: Let each loved one incorporate a brooch or even add special vintage pieces from generations of women in your family. Why not add a new one each year and pass it down? The possibilities are endless – and that’s why we love this Pinterst find!

Fun fact: Legend has it that bridal bouquets originated from the bunches of herbs brides carried to ward off evil spirits from poisoning their nuptial day! You won’t be warding anything off with these pins – but they’ll look unique and ravishing coming down the aisle!

wedding pin bouquet with monograms

Monograms add a touch of elegance (as do the rosettes…)

multi-colored brooch bouquet

Whimsical fun…

brooch bouquet, wedding pins

How’s that for your “something blue”…

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller

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