Summer Fun: The 4 D’s of Outdoor Entertainment!

outdoor entertainmentCan you believe we’re already one week into summer? It puts us in the mind of one thing – outdoor entertaining! Be it a cookout, a graduation celebration or simply a day party, outdoor social events are a staple of the summer time – a benefit of the sunny weather and balmy temperature.

But with a summer full of seemingly endless outdoor social events laying ahead, how can you ensure your own event stands out? By asking Tony Brewer of course! Here are a few tips and ideas for making your outdoor entertainment efforts sparkle this season, built around what we like to call the Four D’s of Outdoor Entertainment.


striped tent, outdoor oasis

Outdoor Entertaining Decor –

The summertime is all about relaxation, and getaway themes abound. Why not help your guests get away eve

lounge chaise, outdoor furniture

n when they can’t – set up outdoor oasis areas: Mini tents with curtains and chaise lounges provide shade and encourage your guests to sit in close quarters and maybe make a new friend.

If you’re anything like us, you’re overly familiar with those hard plastic patio chairs people roll out year after year. If you plan on doing a lot of outdoor entertaining, consider the trend of indoor-outdoor furniture – lounge-like, spacious pieces that create a living room feel outside. Dedon makes some amazing ones – like this loveseat that makes us fall in love! Decorate your space with these and your day parties will quickly become a hit!

Outdoor Entertainment Dining –

decorative ice bucket, copper stand

There’s a certain casual fun to summertime eating – but it doesn’t have to ignore style. Stand out by planning an event around the small plates trend, with a summer twist. Replace the old standby hamburgers with lamb sliders, complete with a high-end “fixins” station (we can only imagine what types of truffles and other delights you could fit in this beautiful Horchow serving piece trio.)

Meanwhile, look for unique containers like this copper beverage tub –  a great stand in for the old fashioned cooler and another way to distinguish the dining aspect of your summer entertainment events!

Outdoor Entertainment Doings –

high-end croquet set, outdoor entertainment

What’s an outdoor summer event without some outdoor summer fun! So often outdoor events devolve into standing around. Pep up your event with a little playtime. We like this croquet set – challenging enough to get everyone involved, but low-impact enough not to leave your guests sticky!

Outdoor Entertainment Duds –

a-line dress, striped look
We can’t leave out one of the most important parts of outdoor entertaining – what to wear! Easy, breezy, effortless chic is the name of the game during the summertime and when entertaining, nobody wants to look harried.

This A-line Alberta Ferretti Resort Collection piece is a winner, especially when paired with bi-color Prada ballet flats in cheery melon and creamy nude. Keep this style tone in mind for your outdoor events, aiming for pieces stylish enough to stand out but versatile enough to work for lower-key events!

Now ready, set, entertain!

“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” – Mother Teresa

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