Four Ways to Give Your Event a South Beach Vibe

With its breathtaking views and crackling energy, is it any surprise that Miami is both a favored destination of the posh set and an increasing source of inspiration for countless luxurious events?

South Beach in particular offers a distinct look from day to night: Breezy, rattan furniture and almost spa-like accessories create a beachside oasis by day, sleek, modern furniture groupings mirror the city’s fast-paced, trendy night life. From wedding receptions to more casual events, the breezy Miami vibe is very “in” right now – and it’s not too hard to plan an event to capture some of that sexy South Beach flavor.

palm tree, tropical tree, tropical plant, palm, plant

Capture the South Beach feel with tropical plants

Swaying palm trees are part and parcel with the South Beach image! They’re not native to Georgia by any means – but tropical plant rental can help bring the beach to the heart of the South in a pinch. Majesty palms at key spots throughout your event space can offer a less cumbersome alternative to Miami’s towering trees or better yet, simply capture the shape of the sweeping palm with tall, elegant centerpiece vases topped with fresh blooms.

beach furniture, island furniture, Miami furniture

Look to light but sleek furniture groupings

South Beach immediately conjures up images of lazy brunches on the strip. Capture that all-day getaway feel with furniture groupings that create an outdoor living room feel. This Manutti Aspen grouping captures the South Beach day vibe; when brainstorming for a more night-time themed event, think of more modern, sleek pieces in bold color combinations like white-on-white, and intriguing, circular shapes. Uplighting in aqua tones finishes off the exclusive feel of a VIP section in a ritzy South Beach club.

beachside cabana, cabanas

Don’t forget the cabanas

Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and ditch the strictly table and chair script. After all – does anything scream South Beach more than these glamorous beachside boudoirs? Set the stage with a series of custom tents by our partners at Tent Unlimited Consider fleshing the look out with love seats, chaises and lounge chairs for guests to mix, mingle and even recline. Remember, South Beach is all about leisurely life!

colony hotel, The Colony, South Beach hotel, Miami hotel

Don’t be afraid of color

South Beach is all about the light, fun allure of beachside life – and perhaps nowhere is that captured more than the beachy tones on display at hotels and cafes dotting the strip. Deep aquas, eye-popping fuchsias and even corals and sea foams all make up the distinct South Beach palette. Don’t be afraid to incorporate them! Keep these colors in mind when thinking about flower arrangements, table linens, even candles. Wherever you can insert that beachy warmth will only help you recreate South Beach at your own event.

We can’t always pack a bag for a weekend getaway to South Beach – but with a few creative ideas, you can be on the way to bringing the hot, South Beach Miami feel to your event in no-time!

“One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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