How does your garden grow? Spring/summer garden tips!

summer garden, gardenIt’s no secret we love  the summer and spring months almost as much as we love beautiful things – it’s arguably the best time of year to view natural flowers, as well as the vibrant abundance of blooms on display in front yards and gardens across the region.

Whether populated by herbs and edibles or gorgeous roses and begonias, your garden deserves all the loving attention in the world to create an environment that’s as healthy as it is beautiful.

Each garden has different needs depending on what you’re growing. But some tips cross all garden styles and plant species. Here are a few of our favorite garden tips with a few pointers for how to stylishly implement them.

Terra cotta vase, Terra cotta vases, garden vases

  • Late May and June typically mark the wind down of planting time – but keep an eye out for late-season deals on garden plants. Look for something like a hardy hibiscus. With bold, dinner plate-sized blooms in red, pink and white, this garden great thrives in the full sun and humidity typical of a southern summer. Bonus: It could last through the late summer and into the fall. Try something like these hand-thrown Terra cotta urns to provide a stylish home for your blooms.

two level bird house, two story bird house, bird house

  • Invest in garden pest control! Lacebugs, for instance, are a common critter among azaleas, and the damage can remain hidden until August or September. An easy remedy is flying overhead – birds dine on insects heavily in the late spring and summer months. Eastern bluebirds and yellow warblers (which pass through Georgia headed further south) can clear your garden of caterpillars and other pests.  With its copper roof, this two-story birdhouse is inviting enough to encourage birds to stay a while, and attractive enough to enhance your garden’s beauty.
garden hat, sun hat, wide brimmed hat, big hat
  • Get on an early gardening schedule. As the past week has shown, high temperatures can make being outside in a garden unbearable at any time but the earliest of mornings. It will only get worse as the spring wraps and the summer settles in, so pick an early time and stick to it to ensure your garden gets the daily care it needs. Keep cool stylishly while you’re tending your plants with a woven UPF 50 sunhat.

watering can, copper watering can, high end watering can, antique watering can, vintage watering can

  • Water, water, water! Sizzling hot weather can spell wilted plants and long-term damage without proper hydration. If you have an automated irrigation system, keep an eye on sprinkler heads to ensure they’re working properly; if you’re hand watering, set your watering schedule for early morning or early evening. Watering plants during the heat of the day could mean losing moisture to evaporation, instead of the water soaking into the soil. Using this lovely copper watering can should be all the motivation you need to get up early and water away!

pergola, awning

  • Make a peaceful space in your garden. Gardens can be hard work, but don’t lose sight of their main goal – creating an enjoyable place to both showcase and take in nature’s beauty. Create a little oasis in your garden – add a garden seat, a wind chime or fountain to provide soothing sounds and even a lovely pergola covered in fragrant creepers (we love morning glories!) to create a semi-shady space. Voila, you’ve created the perfect garden as well as the perfect perch from which to take in all the lovely rewards!

We love the natural splendor of a well-kept garden. Give these tips a try and see if you don’t end up with a garden that’s as healthy and vibrant as it is lovely to behold!

“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” – Abraham Lincoln

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