Summer Wedding Do’s and Don’ts!

It always seems like the colorful blooms and refreshing breezes of spring have barely arrived before the evening soirees and wine country jaunts of the summer are upon us!  The summer months are just around the corner, and this season for mint juleps and lazy days is also prime time for outdoor weddings.

Whether at the beach side in Maui or a rose garden in Buckhead, outdoor weddings share some of the same benefits – gorgeous weather and stunning scenery – as well as drawbacks: soaring heat and pesky bugs that can leave guests sticky and uncomfortable.

What’s a blushing bride to do? Tony Brewer and Co. to the rescue! Try our summer wedding do’s and don’ts to ensure your outdoor ceremony is the fabulous affair you deserve!

DO incorporate a cooling station

cooling station, summer wedding

The idea might conjure up images of the Peachtree Road Race, but it can come in handy should the mercury soar on your big day. Have our partners at Tents Unlimited set up a frame tent with elegant drape details; arrange chairs and an ultra-quiet outdoor cooling system for guests who need to take a break from the sunlight. Provide bottles of spring water, a light sunscreen and even misters full of lavender or lime-scented water to create the perfect oasis for guests overcome by the heat.

DO offer guests refreshments before the reception banquet

orange water, summer wedding

Fruit-infused water makes a great cooling spray, but it’s also a refreshing beverage for hot days. Offer guests champagne flutes of  orange-mint water or another light, natural cocktail while they wait for the ceremony to begin – it’s sure to take some of the heat off.

DON’T plan a wedding for mid-day

desert, hot wedding, summer wedding

Our summer wedding do’s and don’ts list wouldn’t be complete if we left this one out! If a late summer wedding is in the cards and you’re still hammering out details, take heed: Leave high noon for the O.K. Corral! The mid-day sun is the hottest – and who wants heat stealing the show on their big day? Shoot for a late afternoon ceremony to ensure the sun is out of your eyes and off your back. Or be creative and try a morning ceremony – what more divine way to bring in a new day than with an I love you?

DO incorporate “cool” menu items

watermelon gazpacho, summer wedding, hot wedding

A crisp watermelon gazpacho, cucumber salad or even a velvety vichyssoise on your wedding menu can do wonders in cooling down guests and keeping everyone refreshed and pleasant. Down to the wire in planning your menu? Single ramekins of gelati in honey, lavendar or even bourbon pecan offer a classy  take on everyone’s favorite dairy treats and are a cinch to order up in a hurry. On our list of summer wedding do’s and don’ts, this is a definite DO!

DON’T forget citronella candles

citronella, citronella candle, white candle, wedding candle

We know, we know – they get the job done, but don’t citronella candles sound more appropriate for Fourth of July picnics  than an upscale wedding? Not necessarily. This Juliska version of the backyard barbecue staple incorporates a charming rope and berry detail and lightly-antiqued white finish. Scatter these around your guests for stylish protection from nature’s pests.

DO think of creative warm weather wedding favors

hand fan, silk fan, silk hand fan, blue fan, blue folding fan, folding fan, wedding fan

Antique lace fans. Cotton batiste handkerchiefs for allergy-induced sniffles. This is one of our favorites on our summer wedding do’s and don’ts list! The options for summer-related wedding table favors are as fun as they are endless! Why not try  Marc Jacobs sunglasses  as place settings – they’re stylish and practical.

DON’T forget to smile, be graceful and enjoy your big day! Use our summer wedding do’s and don’ts to prepare, relax before the big day then get ready to take it all in with a smile! We know you’ll be fabulous.

“Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods.” – Plato

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