Georgia Getaways

International vacations are fabulous, but every now and then we like to explore areas a little closer to home.  Georgia is a beautiful state with a large variety of vacation options from beaches to mountains and vineyards.

Here are several vacation ideas close to home.


Georgia has stunning beaches!  We recommend Tybee Island which is a short 20 minute trip outside of Savannah.  Tybee Island is fun and relaxed without the hustle and bustle of major beach locations in other states.  You can completely relax for a long weekend, or visit for a day while you are in Savannah.


North Georgia is so close, but it is often overlooked when city dwellers are planning weekend getaways.  There are numerous cabins and bed & breakfasts that offer stunning views for those who just want to relax and immediate access to the trails for adventurous hikers.


Georgia has a wonderful cluster of vineyards right up Georgia 400, so grab your bikes and take a tour of the “wine country”.  Vineyards are beautiful places where you can sit back and enjoy the scenery while learning about the history of some very interesting family businesses.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.”  Milton Berle




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