Relaxing Before the Wedding

Weddings can easily take over your life and become very stressful.  To avoid being overwhelmed by your upcoming nuptials we have several ideas to help you relax.

1.  A Morning or Afternoon Run

Running is a great way to clear your mind of anxious energy and dreams about wedding crashers.  Go for a run alone or invite a friend.

2.  Go to a Concert

It is pretty hard to stress out while you are belting out your favorite tunes.  Whether you go to a live concert at a venue or create your own concert with your iPod in your living room, just have fun.

3.  Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Instead of waiting for your honeymoon to relax, spend a day exploring your city.  Grab a group of friends and have a wedding free day of fun with cameras, sun visors, and fanny packs.

“What’s the use of worrying?  It never was worthwhile.”

George Asaf


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