Holiday Ready: Office, Teacher & Group Gift Ideas

It is that time of year!  Gift giving time!  During the month of December we can easily become overwhelmed trying to find fun and unique gifts for teachers, office parties and friendly gatherings.  We have an easy solution for you, Game Night Gift Bags!

Everyone loves a Game Night Gift Bags.  It is fun for singles planning a game night with their friends, newlyweds planning a housewarming and families looking to mix up their Friday nights.  Below is everything you need to build a Game Night Gift Bag!

1) You can use a gift bag or a popcorn bowl as your base.

2) Add popcorn which can range from Jiffy Pop to the microwave variety and candy or trail mix for healthier friends.

3) Add one or two of your favorite games like Uno, Jenga or Boggle.

4) Finally, add a bow, and you have a fun creative gift that everyone will truly appreciate!

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur


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