Holiday Ready: Centerpieces

The dining room and foyer tables are usually adorned with amazing centerpieces for the holidays.  However, the other tables like the coffee tables and the kitchen table are often overlooked in the holiday hustle and bustle.  Here is a simple yet beautiful idea to add an extra touch of glamor to the “other” tables in your home- fruit in a bowl!  Just add a little foliage from your yard to the vibrant colors of the fruit placed in a unique bowl and you have instant statement piece.  Here are several examples.

Clementines are a great seasonal fruit that can double as a centerpiece and a great evening snack!  Place this center piece in your guest’s bedroom with linen napkins, a carafe of water and water glasses.

Pomegranates look stunning in a wooden bowl.  They are great for end tables and combined with lemons for an extra pop of color.

Lemons look great in pedestal bowls on your kitchen table.  Not only are they vibrant, but the centerpiece is still low enough to enjoy a great conversation with your guest as you enjoy your morning cup of tea or coffee.

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”
Albert Einstein


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