Everyday Fancy: Lavender

“Everyday Fancy” is all about bringing simple and fun new luxuries into your everyday life. Today is all about lavender!  We love lavender so much that we even grow it in our office garden.  It is our favorite spinoff from the mint family, and we are constantly looking for new ways to use it.  We wanted to share a couple of these uses with you, so you can make lavender a part of your “Everyday Fancy”.

Beyond relaxing in a lavender oil bath, we also love using dried lavender to freshen our closets and deter moths.  Yes, that is right.  Lavender helps get rid of pesky moths while leaving your clothes smelling fresh and light instead of like moth balls.  To add to the fancy factor, try hanging a dried lavender wreath inside your closet.  Fancy, fresh, and moth free!

Most of us have tried a lavender cookie or lavender ice cream, but in our quest to create more healthy habits at Tony Brewer & Company we are eating lavender salads.  We love the fresh new flavor lavender adds to fresh fruit salads and garden salads.  It is unexpected and new compared to traditional salad herbs.

“With immediacy and intensity, smell activates the memory, allowing our minds to travel freely in time.”  Tom Robbins


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