Themes: Tea Baby Shower

I grew up side-by-side with Ashley, my neighbor from two houses down. We did everything together until college — she married right before graduation and now, two years later, she is pregnant! So our mutual friend and I are planning her baby shower, and I thought I would share one of the themes we were considering before finding out the sex of the baby.

Since she is having a little boy, this girly tea-themed baby shower was out! But I still love the ideas and details we discussed and think it could make a super cute baby or wedding shower for a tea lover.


It all started with this inspiration: colorful wildflowers in vintage tins and boxes. The inspiration flowed from there. Here are some other ideas we tossed around (kept track of via our “Ashley’s Baby Shower” board on Pinterest).



DIY lace votive holders: loved this idea! Click the link for Martha’s DIY instructions.via

Of course, the super popular striped paper straws, but also with polka dots in a pretty pink hue.


Colorful floral plates — a little pricey from Anthropolgie — but I’m sure we could’ve found a cost effective option. I mean, who can resist poppies?


Paper mache teacup! How cool? Not sure how we would have incorporated it, but I love it nonetheless.


And for favors, what else? Tea in cute little tins.

I’m definitely keeping this theme in my arsenal…you never know, her next baby could be the girl we need to use it!



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